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Jaleh Montazer

Mrs. Tenly

Independent Research

04 Sept, 2015

Reflection 2

            During week two of Independent Research I was able to narrow down my topic of interest into a central question or idea. Instead of researching how maternal medicine and healthcare differs from region to region I decided with the help of Barret, Luke, and Mrs.Tenly to focus on the effects of certain actions on the health of the mother and baby just in the United States. This opens up a variety of questions mainly how certain drugs can affect the health of both the mother and the baby. When someone looks for information about maternal healthcare the focus is always on protecting the baby. But what many people do not know is that certain actions with the initial aim to protect the baby can actually be harming the mother. Through my research project I plan to research all of the restrictions that a mother is placed under while pregnant and understand how these actions affect the mother. I also hope to come up with a plan to make sure all women pregnant or planning to be pregnant fully understand all of the risks and requirements that are necessary when carrying a child.

      As I began researching it was hard to come across statistics that explain that millions of women and children across the world die because of poor maternal healthcare. And I can assume that this is due to their lack of knowledge on the various effects certain actions have on the health of the baby and the mother. Also it was interesting to find out that so many complications can occur just in the process of labor and that these complications can be detrimental to the life of the baby but in severe cases the life of the mother. Overall it is going to be interesting to understand how every action and decision a mother makes can effect the life of the baby in more ways than one. 

     The discussions between Barret, Luke, Mrs.Tenly, and I have really opened my eyes to making this project much more meaningful then just a research project. Luke's project on concussions and its relation to football can have an impact on the athletic department at Franklin. His overall goal to show the how sports injuries especially in football can effect a teenagers mind can bring about new knowledge to many students at Franklin. His project can change how many students view football at our school. Also Barret's project has an ultimate goal to improve high school seniors education standards so they can be fully prepared for a life in and after college. If his project goes as planned he would have created a curriculum to present to the Baltimore County Department of History which will be something completely new for a student our age. The passion for their topics will make their end project much more interesting and rewarding for them. My topic does not have a link to our school and does not seem as valuable to our school. It will be hard to make my project meaningful to the people of the Franklin community.

     As the second week of school has ended I am becoming more accustomed to the work load that I am going to have and I am quickly realizing that senior year is going to be much harder then any other school year. I am also realizing that the independent aspect of this class is going to be a challenge. But everyday when I walk into class not wanting to do research I remember the article about the boy who was able to make a contraption to suck viruses out of infected people and change healthcare in Haiti for the better and I realize that if I devote myself to improving maternal healthcare in the United States I really can do it. I could come up with a set of standards to ensure all mothers and women looking to become mothers have access to doctors and medicines to protect the health of their baby and the health of themselves. 





Comments (1)

Suhaila Tenly said

at 11:00 am on Sep 8, 2015

Great work this week, Jaleh. Keep up the research and focus. In terms of grammar, remember that "then" indicates cause and effect and "than" means comparison. :) 9.5/10

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