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Jaleh Montazer


Independent Research 

29 Sept, 2015

College Article Response Essay


     The question of where to go to college plagues the mind of many high school seniors. Big school or small school? City campus or Isolated Campus? Expensive school or Cheaper school? Reach school or Plausible school? In state school or out of state school? The thousands of colleges in America does not make the decision making process any easier. When a high school student is pressed to apply to college for the November 1st deadline while completing homework for a very rigorous course load it can be very difficult to narrow down the thousands of schools. But one article claims that it does not matter where you go to college. This idea is very foreign to me. I have always wanted to attend the best of the best universities regardless of distance and many of the other factors that students take into account when applying. I was always taught at home and at school to study hard in high school so I could attend a well renown university. But now everyone wants to change their mind and say it does not matter where I go as long as I work hard. 

     Working hard in school is not a foreign topic to me. I have always taken an academic course load full of rigor while juggling many extracurricular activities. But if it does not matter where I go to college why did I spend hours upon hours studying and doing homework. If I knew then what I know now I would not have tried to overwork myself in high school. I would have known that it is not hard to get a very valuable college education. I am slowly realizing that a student with the same dedication that I have can really attend any university he or she wants and still excel. Although attending well known colleges like Harvard open many doors for a college student it does not over power working hard and getting good grades. I plan on going to graduate school and my  first four year grades play a major role in my acceptance. So going to any college and getting all A's is overall more important than attending Harvard. 

     These articles are making it clear that the name of a college is not as important as what a student does at that college. I could go to a college close to home and pay in state tuition and still receive a quality education. This is a hard concept to me to grasp when I have always strove to be the best. So I thought going to the best college would make me the best. But that is not true at all. Going to Harvard, as much as people want to think it makes them the best, it really does not. I think high school students should move away from ranking their strengths by the college they get in to because that is only have the battle. I student still has to study, work hard, and take many classes once they get into a certain school. Attending college requires a countless number of responsibilities and that does not change just because a student goes to a top college. 


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