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Government PBA Resources Outline

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Rationale: During this unit, you have explored the foundations and structures of the United States Constitution, including how individuals and groups can influence the Constitution as a living document. For this project, you will be able to show how a value or principle of democracy is reflected in the way in which the Constitution structured the United States government, and how it is applied today. Apply what you know to answer the following essential question:

How have democratic values influenced the past and present?


For this PBA, your job is to research a contemporary constitutional issue. You will required to relate your issue directly to the Constitution. While many of the articles curated here directly reference the Constitution, you may need to fill in gaps as necessary. This is just a starting point for your research! A link to The Constitution is available below.


The Constitution


Some possible issues to research include:


I. Constitutional Issues

  1. Voting Rights (Suffrage): Remember that voting rights relate directly to certain constitutional amendments. 
    1. Convicted Felons 
    2. Judging the Voting Rights Act
    3. Voter ID laws
    4. Voter identification
    5. Voting Rights Act of 1965
    6. Voting Rights Counter-revolution 
  2. Civil Rights: Again, certain constitutional amendments should factor heavily in your analysis.
    1. Civil Rights & Civil Liberties 
    2. Black Lives Matter
    3. Diversity in Tech Companies
    4. From Abolition to Civil Rights
    5. Odd Evolution of Civil Rights State 
  3. Assisted Suicide: Keep in mind that the constitution guarantees state's rights. 
    1. Assisted Suicide Debate Focuses Attention on Palliative, Hospice Care 
    2. U.S. States Grapple with Right to Die 
    3. Assistance in Dying
    4. Assisted Suicide Advocates
    5. Assisted Suicide Gains
    6. Prohibition on Speech
    7. The Last Choice 
  4. Death Penalty
    1. A Film is Worth a Thousand Words
    2. Bungled Executions
    3. The Right Anti-Death Penalty Movement 
  5. Privacy Rights
    1. Cyber surveillance without Restraint
    2. Email is Protected
    3. Freedom of Information Act
    4. New HIPPA Protects Patients' Privacy
    5. Privacy without Right to Privacy
    6. Online Privacy Debate
    7. Wireless Cell Data not Protected 
  6. Social Media
    1. Managing Social Media Evidence
    2. NLRB Regulation of Social Media
    3. Right of Publicity and Social Media
    4. Unprotected Speech on Social Media 


**Another useful Digital Content tool available to use as a BCPS student is SIRS Knowledge Source and Gale Opposing Viewpoints. You will be able to gather opposing viewpoints on each issue using this database. If you are trying to access this site at home, you will need the database password sheet available in the library.**


You are also going to need to use a graphic organizer to complete your research. Some graphic organizer options and their explanations are below.


II. Graphic Organizers


Task: Create a graphic organizer. Formats may include:

o Poster-sized Collage

o Concept Map (Bubbl.us)

o Online Collage (www.postermywall.com)

o Online Presentation (https://www.haikudeck.com/or www.prezi.com)



For reference, here are the Government PBA forms from your teacher.


III. Government PBA forms


  1. Democratic Values

  2. Founding Quotes

  3. Rubric

  4. Unit Overview 



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