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Jaleh Montazer

Independent Research 


9 October 2015


Week 6 Reflection


     Overall this week was very successful and I used the time allotted very effectively. We started this week by using EasyBib. I personally still do not know how to use it correctly. EasyBib has a variety of resources making the research process simpler. But these resources are hard to grasp without instructions. I like using EasyBib for citations but I prefer to manually cite my sources. I find it easier to use the information given on each resource to make my own citation. When I try to use the link to cite the source it is always missing information so I have to go back and put it in manually anyway. In terms of citations I would rather cite it manually and not rely on EasyBib. In terms of the other resources on EasyBib I really do not know that they are. I am positive that having access to a resource for citations and research material is very beneficial but I do not know how to use it to my advantage. 

     The rest of the week was spent formulating questions on our research topics and annotating ten database articles. This process was the best thing I have done this far in this class. The process of picking and annotating articles gave me so much more insight to the maternal health problems facing the United States. It is so interesting to see how the government acts effect American citizens. I never thought that when I entered this class I would read portions of the Affordable Care Act. Through reading portions of the Affordable Care Act I am quickly understanding how it effects American citizens. This law has faced so much scrutiny but it is actually providing healthcare for thousands of Americans who did not previously have healthcare. Of course with any law it can be revised but the current provisions of the Affordable Care Act are helping Americans. 

     Through the database annotation process I learned more about Planned Parenthood. I initially wanted to stay away from Planned Parenthood because it is a very political issue because of its links to abortion. But I quickly learned that the political controversy of Planned Parenthood takes away from all the other health services that it offers to women. Abortion only comprises 3% of the health services that Planned Parenthood offers but I am sure many people do not know that statistic. I can not speak for or against abortion but I can speak for Planned Parenthood. I find it amazing that people want to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and cut women health services. Not to sound like a feminist but government officials are not trying to make cuts to male healthcare services but they are more than willing to cut women health services. If the United State's government really wanted to protect the healthcare of its citizens they would not be trying to cut Planned Parenthood. It was truly eyeopening to read about all services that Planned Parenthood provides besides abortion. If more people knew about that services that Planned Parenthood provides for women I believe that less people would want to cut its funding. 

    This week I learned a lot about women's healthcare in the United States. I also learned the process of the Affordable Care Act and how it is currently helping thousands of Americans.  

Comments (1)

Suhaila Tenly said

at 8:57 am on Oct 13, 2015

Great job this week, Jaleh! I love the way you are moving throughout the course with your research and how you are learning and growing as result. Let's talk more about EasyBib together when we get a chance. I completely understand wanting to stick with what you're familiar, but it's very powerful and may be able to help keep you organized. :) 9/10

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