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Jaleh Montazer

Independent Research 


23, October 2015


Week 8 Reflection 

     This week has been the worst week I have ever experienced both socially and academically. But no worries Independent Research was not the reason for my numerous meltdowns throughout the week. I am happy to say that this class was one of the few this week that did not make be cry. On the other hand I have a D in physics. Which is super uncool because the quarter ends at the end of the week. So it will be very bad for both my GPA and my life at home for me to get a D on my report card. Lets hope that I can bring that up in the 5 days that remain in the first quarter of my senior year. In other news SAT scores came out. Which would be reason for celebration if I could actually take that test. But I can't, so that was a waste of $60. It amazes me that I am an honor student at Franklin and in the top 1% of our class yet I can't manage to get above an 1800 on the SAT. Maybe one day like before winter break when I hopefully start to receive acceptance letters to college I won't have to worry about the SAT. But until then I will continue to worry that this one test that I took on one morning in October will hinder my acceptance into college. It is kind of sad that my biggest worry in life is whether or not my SAT score is good enough to get into certain schools while there are starving children somewhere around the world. The amount of mental capacity I am using to worry about whether or not I am going to get accepted into college could be used for something far more beneficial. I am realizing that my continual thoughts of worry are not going to help me get accepted into the college of my choice so I should just stop and hope for the best.

     With all that said about how bad this week was lets talk about maternal medicine. This week we continued studying the validity of websites and the authority of the author. This concept is very important when researching because the beliefs of the author play a crucial role in the way content is perceived. When learning about maternal healthcare in the United States Planned Parenthood is an important organization to study. While completing the assignment called "Opposing Viewpoints" I read an article about Planned Parenthood from a Republican Party website. Obviously the information stated has a strong bias against Planned Parenthood. This is important to understand because any reader not aware of the true aspects of Planned Parenthood they would believe what the Republican party was saying about it. This viewpoint is also apparent when the Republican Party talks about the Affordable Care Act. The Republican party makes claims about the Affordable Care act that are simply untrue. I know that they are untrue because I am in the process of reading the Affordable Care Act. This act is about 900 pages long and it is very unrealistic for me to try to read and understand the whole act. But a more manageable task would be to read the 20 pages pertaining to maternal healthcare. Although I have not finished reading all 20 pages I am learning more facts about how this act is helping many mothers and children. When using the actual act and comparing it to the Republican Party article about the act I am learning that I can not trust what many sources put online and it is so important to understand the authority of the author. 

     Because I like the way Barret closes his reflections, signing off until next week Jaleh! 



Comments (1)

Suhaila Tenly said

at 1:43 pm on Oct 30, 2015

Love your honesty, Jaleh. Please don't feel bad about feeling bad, though. "It's a trap!" Let yourself mourn and work through the disappointment. I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to share this.

Keep plugging along on your research, too. 10/10

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