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Page history last edited by Barret Rus 4 years, 7 months ago

Barret Rus

Franklin High School

American High Schools and Life Skills Education

            The American education faces many problems, and is notorious for poor results and inefficiency, regardless of increased funding for schools. A comprehensive study of the problems facing the American education system was performed, and issues such as teacher development, student attitude, and outside social factors were discovered. A review of the education systems in other developed nations revealed more troubling statistics. Not only are international students outperforming their American peers, but other developed nations put a greater emphasis on education when compared to the United States. A review of past education policy in the United States was also performed, and revealed policy that failed to address the major social issues surrounding students in the public education system. The following presentation presents a solution that does address the underlying social events surrounding students in the education system; life skills education. Life skills education teaches real world skills to students to help them succeed in life after school. The end goal of this presentation is to provide a comprehensive overview of the problems facing current students, and garner support for the implementation of life skills education on a local level.  


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