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Initial Finding on Life Skills Classes

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What specific life and entrepreneurial skills do current high school graduates lack and what should be done to solve this issue?

A. Why is the American system education broken?

- too much of a focus on molding students for college, teaching college readiness classes, focusing resources towards standardized testing

- Teachers are underpaid, population tends to shy away from lower paying jobs, may not have best possible training

-Schools need to focus on "human capital, which involves attracting, selecting, training, and retaining the people who work in the field; a core of knowledge that guides the field; effective organizational structures; and overall performance management and accountability."


B. What needs to be apart of the curriculum?

Cooking/ Gardening

Entrepreneurial Ideas

Financial Literacy:   

Lesson 1: Why It Pays to Be Financially Responsible
Lesson 2: Money and Goals
Lesson 3: Researching and Buying a Car
Lesson 4: Financing Your Education
Lesson 5: Finding the Right Career for You
Lesson 6: Why Credit Matters
Lesson 7: Protecting Your Identity
Lesson 8: Money and Roommates
Lesson 9: Making a Budget
Lesson 10: Saving for a Rainy Day
Lesson 11: Sharpening Money Decisions
Lesson 12: Selecting a Banking Partner
Lesson 13: Understanding Your Take Home Pay
Lesson 14: Taking Credit for Your Finances
Lesson 15: Staying Out of Debt
Lesson 16: A House to Call Your Own
Lesson 17: Protect Yourself
Lesson 18: Interest in Investing
Lesson 19: The Forces of the Financial Universe
Lesson 20: When You Need an Expert
Lesson 21: How to Make Money with Money
Lesson 22: Do the Right Thing


C. What are other countries doing?

- More resources spread out to more schools, allows for better teachers and classes including a possible life skills class

- Finland has more relaxed culture towards school, but has greater success than the US


D. Cool Ideas

- teenagers learn best from each other

- if a student excels at one life skill, let them teach it to the class






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